Care + Repair


All pieces curated by The Annex are simple, delicate, but durable pieces that are meant to sit effortlessly on its owner's skin. They are second-skin pieces that are meant for daily wear. We know you will love your new piece as much as we do, so here's a few tips to keep it sparkling for years to come. 


Gold vermeil is an overlay of gold over a base of sterling silver. It should be noted
that because of the nature of the piece, vermeil jewelry is sensitive and requires special care instructions to insure a longer lasting piece.

  • Vermeil pieces should not be exposed to water, perfumes, lotions, or makeup.
  • Store your jewelry in a jewelry pouch. The less you expose the piece to moisture and humidity, the longer it will last. Avoid leaving your vermeil jewelry out in the open while you’re not wearing it.
  • To clean your vermeil jewelry, buff the piece VERY gently with a 100% cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. NEVER use chemical cleaners on your vermeil jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing your vermeil jewelry while swimming or showering.
  • Avoid wearing your vermeil jewelry while engaging in strenuous activity such as playing sports or working out.


We make the effort to house high-quality, delicate but durable jewelry. However, in the event that the jewelry is found to be damaged or defective due to a manufacturing error within 30 days of your purchase, the piece will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

In the event that your purchase was made at a temporary Annex pop-up location, your piece will be mailed to your desired address. Please contact for further assistance.