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Large Blue Flare Medallion Pendant

Large Blue Flare Medallion Pendant

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Harness the beauty and power of gemstones with the striking Lapis Lazuli Medallion pendant. Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of friendship, courage, and truth. This celebratory talisman is a tool to encourage meaningful connections and strengthen authentic relationships. Its glittering inclusions reminiscent of a night sky, the bewitching lapis lazuli is encircled with a contrasting halo of warm yellow citrine. The inverted stones are a Marmari signature; debuted in the Wish Upon a Star collection, they are a subtle yet striking nod to the rays of the sun. The celestial aesthetics continue with diamond-studded sun and moon motifs, scattered around the surface of the medallion. Giving you the courage to open up your heart and truth, this piece is a celebration of friendship and connection. Stunning from all angles, the 18kt yellow gold pendant is finished with a star and moon motif fretwork on the reverse and suspended on a glittering diamond bail. Add your chain of choice to finish your beautiful talisman necklace.

Hand crafted from 18K Yellow Gold, 22.54 cts Lapis Cabochon, 0.33 cts White Diamonds, 4.30 cts Citrine. Star Moon Cutout Gallery on Reverse Side. Chain Sold Separately.

Measuring 30mm diameter pendant and 6.5mm diamond bale. Chain Sold Separately.

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