Welded Gift Card
Welded Gift Card
Welded Gift Card


Welded Gift Card

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The Welded chain bracelets, necklaces, and anklets have to be welded in person and in Riyadh only. 

Process to #GetWelded:

  • Sign the consent form relating to gold allergies
  • Choose a chain color
  • Measure the chain
  • Sparks fly
  • You’re welded!


  • The chains cannot be taken off, they must be cut using nail clippers
  • The chains are 14k gold and will not change color
  • The chains are airport security friendly


  •  If your Welded chain breaks within the first week, please save the chain and contact us immediately and we will reweld it without any additional fees in the first week only.
  • There is a 50 SAR fee for any second reweld if the chain breaks after the first week or if it is removed for any reason.
  • Make sure to test your chain size before leaving to avoid a 50 SAR resizing fee.
  • In case of surgery, an MRI, or any other medical procedure needed, just use nail clippers to snip one of the links. 

Kindly contact us at +966 53 360 3221 for any questions or requests.